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Got Questions??? Here are some videos on what the church believes:

Join us for Ascension Day Service on Thursday May 21, 2020 at 7:00pm on

We will using Evening Prayer from the Lutheran Service Book

Check it out at /htttp://

Join us in-person or Live Streaming this Memorial Day Weekend, the Seventh Sunday of Easter (Ascension Sunday) May 24th as we hear from Doug Campbell the Director of HOPE Clinic here in Ypsilanti.


Order of Service here:


9:40 Every Sunday: Christian Education Hour (Canceled until further notice)

10:40am Service (only Live-Streaming until May 10 see above "reopening")

We are taking a special offering for HOPE Clinic, if you wish to drop them off you may but also take them into HOPE.
Tomorrow at Cross and Resurrection, the Chapel at EMU we will have an offering for Hope Clinic. They are asking for:
Medical Masks
Hand Sanitizer
Toiletries and Toilet Paper
Canned Goods
Whole Grain Food
Canned Meat
Hearty Soups


12:00 noon Lunch. (returning in September 2020)

Everyone Welcome!



Information regarding "reopening" our Services on May 17 and following:

May 11, 2020

Dear members of Cross and Resurrection.

As our governor has now moved toward carefully opening up several large sectors of business and work, her latest Executive Order allows churches to resume in-person worship services (following published CDC guidelines).   From order (EO 2020-77) 16. Nothing in this order should be taken to supersede another executive order or directive that is in effect, except to the extent this order imposes more stringent limitations on in-person work, activities, and interactions. Consistent with prior guidance, neither a place of religious worship nor its owner is subject to penalty under section 20 of this order for allowing religious worship at such place. No individual is subject to penalty under section 20 of this order for engaging in or traveling to engage in religious worship at a place of religious worship, or for violating section 15(a) of this order.

At the same time, we clearly understand how devastating the COVID-19 virus is, especially to certain groups of people.  We want to continue to encourage care and caution, physical distancing, washing hands and doing our part to slow the spread of the virus. We are not going back to “life as usual” yet.

With that in mind, the elder team has decided to implement the following steps to begin resumption of our worship services:

  1. We will open up the church building for the Sunday service, so that people who feel comfortable doing so, can come to the service beginning on Sunday, May 17. WE ASK PEOPLE TO CONTACT PASTOR at or 734-474-1626, if you are planning on attending, so that we can plan for spacing and adequate Social Distancing. We will  provide ushers to seat people in order to provide room for everyone. (we have overflow in the lobby if necessary.)
  2. We will continue to live stream our services so that all can attend whether in person or via live stream. The Sanctuary will continue to be set up like a studio for the next month, as we transition.
  3. Those who are a part of the population more vulnerable to severe effects from COVID-19 are strongly encouraged to attend via live stream.
  4. Anybody who is sick or has recently had close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 should stay home.
  5. People who are not in the same household should sit at least 6 feet away from each other (that’s 3 empty chairs and try to avoid sitting directly in front or behind non-household members).  Please do not approach anyone outside of your household closer than that distance for now.
  6. It will be great for many of us to see each other and chat while observing physical distancing guidelines!  But, sorry – no hand shaking, hugs, or other physical contact yet! ☹
  7. Masks are strongly encouraged when in the building, but those leading the service or music will not wear masks while leading except if distributing communion to others.
  8. We will have communion for those who wish to partake.  We will provide the bread and wine using sanitary precautions and will not offer the Common Cup at this time.
  9. We will not resume the after-service lunches at this time.
  10. We will not resume Sunday School at this time.
  11. We have stepped up sanitation of the building and will continue to do so. 
  12. Unfortunately we will be limited in our time to fellowship following the service but we will continue the Zoom meeting for those online.

 We see this as “phase 1” of reopening public worship services and expect these procedures to evolve over time.  We ask that everyone abide by these procedures for now as we see what works well for us. This is an unprecedented time for us all.  May the Lord bless, keep, and guide us, Amen!

The Elder Team and Pastor Bryan

Update on Sunday Services: We will have a Phase 1 "reopening" Service this Sunday at 10:40. WE will be live-streaming for the next 2 months as the primary focus and in-person as a secondary focus. (Sanctuary is set up as a studio) Please pray for those who are anxious and at risk! Please use live stream on //

Video also on

For Zoom during the Service:   

Our Order of Service for this Sunday:

if you are in need of prayer, Holy Communion, support or Food Ministry (canceled until further notice) please contact Pastor at


Prayer Meeting every Saturday at 1:30pm on Zoom. Join Pastor and others to pray for our world, nation, state, community, 
church, people in need of healing and peace! 
Wednesday Bible Study on the Letter of 1st John to the Churches:

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.  When: Wednesdays at 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) 

on and

For last weeks look on Sermon Outline page above to check it out....


Join us on Wednesday, March 27th at 6:30pm for our Alpha at the Chapel ONline... Going to be great!

A NOTE from Pastor Bryan on May 15, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Christ has Risen! He had Risen INDEED! Hallelujah! As we continue our journey through the Easter Season for 40 days until Ascension on May 21st and 50 days to the Festival of Weeks (Shavuot) or Pentecost on May 31, I wanted to let you know what is happening. 

1. On Wednesday evening we had our 1 John study on chapter 4. Thank you to those who joined us on Zoom and Facebook Live! Please join us tomorrow (Saturday afternoon) at 1:30 on zoom for our  Prayer Meeting then at 4pm for the Sunday EVE Devotion, this time on John 14:15-21.

2. Thank you to everyone who has been joining us each Sunday.  I look forward to this Sunday when we begin "phase 1" of "reopening," please read the newsletter announcement or our website for information on this policy.  I will be continuing our Sermon series on 1 Peter "the Letter for the suffering 5. Real Blessings!" Please watch us at 10:40am Sunday on

3..We continue our Study on 1 John each Wednesday. We are still using Zoom for interaction and facebook live plus youtube live for the study. Check out on Please check it out and invite people to join us this coming Wednesday at 6:30pm at Zoom  After our 1 John study is complete this coming Wednesday. I have signed up for us to have an Alpha Course online which will begin at 6:30pm on Wednesday May 27th. (Please invite your friends and family to join us)

4. We will have a special Devotion and Service on Thursday, May 21, for the Ascension of Lord Day. Please join us at 7pm for this special Service. 

5. Please remember to join our Prayer Meeting tomorrow- Saturday at 1:30pm, in Prayer for the church, world, government and those who need prayers. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 811 9699 9863 Password: 140261.

6. On May 24th, Ascension Sunday (7th Sunday of Easter) Doug Campbell, Director of Hope Clinic will be sharing with us

7. Normally on Pentecost Sunday, which is May 31st this year, we have Confirmation. WE are thrilled to announce that Lauren Varblow will celebrate First Communion on Pentecost Sunday! The Elders asked that we postpone Confirmation so the Johnsons and Varblows may invite family and friends to celebrate with our Confirmands. So we are postponing until June at this time. We will send more information as things proceed.

8. As the Governor has extended her stay at home order until at least May  28th, with the exception of Religious Houses of Worship, we will continue to offer many ways to communicate online. We continue to reach and help our members and community. We continue to collect gifts for Hope Clinic, (still in need of donations!) make and deliver masks and as well, we continue to serve people with the Agape Fund. Thank you to Ellen for organizing the masks. Thank you to Paul and Joanne and their whole team for the Food Ministry, which unfortunately got canceled! FOOD MINISTRY IS CANCELED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! Paul said they are hoping to start back up in the near future. We will keep you informed. Please pray for guidance and wisdom on how to serve our community!

Please let Pastor know if you are planning to attend the Service this Sunday and going forward so we can follow the policy Phase 1 of Reopening! I am in an "at risk" group and so is my granddaughter who is staying with us, so we are going to be very careful in implementing the social distancing, masks and sanitary conditions. Bob will be ushering and we do ask everyone to be diligent in abiding by the policy.

We are also continuing to serve in the Congregation. I have offered many personal services to many as well as been texting and emailing many.Thank you to our faithful leadership teams! We are utilizing Zoom. Tomorrow at 9:30 we will have our Elders Meeting on Zoom.  FYI: The Admin Team has received the money for the Payroll Protection Plan loan from the Small Business Administration. We have 8 weeks to spend it and then apply for forgiveness of the loan in the future. Thank you for your prayers.

AGAIN, I wanted to THANK everyone for their faithfulness in mailing in gifts! We also have an online option on the website. I am humbled, blessed and  amazed by those who have sent in offerings by checks in the mail and through their banks who mail them to us. I do not open the mail, they go directly into the safe, but I know they are offerings!

(We personally use the option on the website but all of these methods are allowing us to weather this unique situation.)

Please continue to BE THE CHURCH by taking care of your families, neighbors and others. This may mean being isolated in close proximity or by staying home so the virus is not shared. I do so appreciate all of those who have been helping in providing prayer, support, Agape Ministry, mask making etc... Well done, good and faithful servants!

Please continue to pray for our faith family as we recognize the POWER of PRAYER. Please pray for all of our family who are in need of healing and peace!

In conclusion, please join us on // Sunday at 10:40am. Please note these services will be available at any time after the live presentation ends on our channel or on Also on the website you can find links to print or view the Order of Services for these services. We will be using Zoom to fellowship after the Service on Sunday.  

If you are need of Prayer, Food, Holy Communion or other needs please call or email me or 734-474-1626

Thank you so very much to Annaliese, Ellen, Chris, Jake, Peter, Sam, (and all worship team members) Don, Bruce, Ricke Jr. and others who have helped with the Sunday Services, your help is very appreciated! We are looking forward to seeing more "in-person" on Sunday.

Love you all and pray for you! 

Love in Christ our RISEN Lord,

Pastor Bryan

All other programs and activities are canceled (AGAPE Fund help, individual pastoral care with the pastor, masks and donations to HOPE) until May 28th or further notice... 

Join us for Alpha online: Starting at 6:30pm on Wednesday May 27th. Please plan to join us by putting in Ypsilanti 48197 as location at



Food Ministry is canceled until further notice by the store. Please check back. We hope to restart in the future.

Thank you to our volunteers for all their faithful service!


Sixth Sunday of Easter May 17, 2020: "REAL Blessings!" 


One of the Ministries we support. They do an important Ministry in our area!

Parking is available in our lot during the week, but during Church events we can park behind the Church in Eastern Ann Street Commuter Lot. Check inside the church if it is a service during a week night.

Join us for Pancakes and Waffles TOO

(Canceled until September 2020 due to Coronavirus Concerns

and EMU announcing Mar 19 that there will be no in-person classes

for the rest of the year and that Residence Halls to be closed Mar 31)

Every Friday 10pm to Saturday at 1am. During the University Year. 


Join us for Lunch at noon during the University School Year... (canceled until further notice due to the coronavirus concerns, returning in September 2020)

Worship Service Times
Education Hour (all ages during the University Year)
Living Praise (1st and 3rd Sundays) 
Our Contemporary Service
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Free Lunch
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ASL Interpretation
A professional ASL interpreter interpretes our services every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month.

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