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Rev. Bryan K. Schindel


Hi! I’m the Senior Pastor at Cross and Resurrection. I help to cast the vision for our church and work with the members to carry out our Ministry. I also supervise the staff and mentor others in making Disciples. Being on Campus creates many opportunities to serve students and to nurture families and others in using their gifts for God’s Kingdom!

I am first and foremost a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. I’m also the husband of an amazing wife, Laura, father of 11 children, and grandfather to six grandchildren! I’ve been privileged to serve at Cross and Resurrection for 7 years. I’m also very involved in the community as part of Love Ypsi, Rotary Club of Ann Arbor North (past President), Chaplain to the EMU Police and Adjutant at my Legion.

I’m very thankful for the work that Cross and Resurrection has done to provide a safe and nurturing home for families and students here at EMU. We look forward to welcoming and serving many more as the Lord calls us all to HIMSELF as our Savior and Lord! We look to the future as a wonderful harvest field with many exciting opportunities to join JESUS on HIS MISSION as HIS FOLLOWERS!

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James Hahn, Vicar
Student Ministry Coordinator

As a Vicar at Cross and Resurrection, my main responsibility is to coordinate Campus Ministry. I organize and lead activities for Eastern Michigan University students who participate in our fellowship. I oversee the Pancake ministry, in which we serve free pancakes and waffles to students and others from the surrounding community. I also counsel and mentor students.

I started attending Cross and Resurrection in August 2013, when I moved back to Ypsilanti area to complete my Bachelor’s of Social Work degree. I had been a member of an ELCA congregation and had drifted away from church after my mother’s death in 2007. A friend contacted me and told me about a little church named Cross and Resurrection. The first Sunday that I had planned to attend this church, I resisted the urge, rolled over and went back to sleep then again, on the second Sunday and the third Sunday. However, the urge to explore this small church grew and grew. When I got to the fourth Sunday which, was the last Sunday of August, 2013, the desire to attend Cross and Resurrection was completely irresistible. There were no thoughts of doing anything otherwise. As a result, I found a new family and the desire that I had in my late 20s to serve God in the ordained ministry was rekindled.

I graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor’s degree in communication, history and religion. In 2014 I earned the Bachelor’s of social work from Eastern Michigan University that I spoke of earlier. I also hold a third degree black belt in Judo and have studied cane fighting, extensively.


Contact information:
Phone: (586) 337-7650
Email: jhahn@crossandres.org
Facebook: James Hahn

Norma Polk, Deaconess
Church Administrator/Volunteer Coordinator
As the church Administrator, I oversee Cross and Resurrection’s Administrative functions and facilitates the ministry of the church, including establishing effective communication within the church and with the community. As a Volunteer Coordinator, I recruit, train, equip, and oversee volunteers who serve in the church. As a Deaconess, I also strive to pursue acts of mercy, spiritual care, and teaching the faith.

I have been a member of Cross and Resurrection since 2009, when I started my Deaconess training through the Ethnic Institute of Theology at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, MO.

I am married to Thad Polk, who is an Elder at Cross and Resurrection, and have been blessed with three wonderful daughters. I am passionate about being a servant of Christ. I also work as a costume and set designer for local theaters. She has a BFA degree from Carnegie Mellon University.


Contact information:
Phone: (734) 395-9357
Email: npolk@crossandres.org
Facebook: Norma Polk

Johannes Stauffer
Worship Leader

I have been the Director of Worship at Cross & Resurrection since 2010, but I've been with the church for most of my life - I was baptized here as an infant, and confirmed here as a young adult. I left in 2005 for a year of missions in Belfast, N. Ireland, after which I spent several years as a youth pastor at another church in Ypsilanti. I returned to Cross & Resurrection to lead worship when the church first moved onto EMU's campus.

In addition to playing music and fixing computers at Cross & Resurrection, I am also the Systems Administrator at Superior Text, a textbook reseller in Ypsilanti. I live in Hamburg, MI with my wife Joan. 


Samuel Wensley
Youth and College Outreach

I am ecxcited to be leading the Youth and College Outreach efforts at Cross and Resurrection. I would be doing what I love the most, reaching out to young people for Christ.

I have a Certificate in Urban Ministry from Northwest University and I am currently pursuing both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in social work.  I have a huge heart for building community and fostering discipleship.  After graduating from high school as a home school student, I moved out to Los Angeles, CA for four semesters to join a leadership school which specializes in urban ministry.  As my Los Angeles claim to fame, I got fourth place with only a yo-yo in a talent show that was judged by Tyler Ward and Emma Stone. 

Contact information:
Phone: (734) 707-6443
Email: swensley@crossandres.org
Facebook: Sam Wensley

Roger Varblow
Senior Elder

As Cross and Resurrection's senior elder, I serve closely with the senior pastor, lead the Elder Team meetings, and perform the duties of an elder. I was a founding member of C&R in 1980.

My wife Beth and I have seven adult children and 23 grandchildren.  I earned  a Bachelor of Science – Engineering degree from the University of Michigan, and I am CEO/CFO of a software company in Ann Arbor (AdvantageCS).  All of our children and grandchildren live in Michigan, which is a joy for both Beth and me who host many meals and other events for our extended family.

Contact information:
Phone: (734) 433-9635
Email: roger.varblow@advantagecs.com
Facebook: Roger Varblow
Rev. Bryan K. Schindel
Worship Director/IT:
Johannes Stauffer
Senior Elder:
Roger Varblow