Our Worship





Traditional Service
Sundays, 8:30 am
Living Praise
Contemporary Service
Sundays, 10:40am


We love visitors! During the school year, we have two worship services on Sunday mornings and visitors are very welcome at both. Here’s a few things to keep in mind if you’d like to visit:

  • Come as you are. We’d be delighted to welcome you whether you’re a long-time Christian or are just seeking God for the first time and have never been inside a church building. We have people of all shapes and sizes. We come from all walks of life. We’re also all sinners and we know it. But we’re also forgiven!
  • Wear what you want. Feel free to wear jeans and a T-shirt or dress up (we have members who do both), whatever makes you comfortable.
  • We love to worship. A lot! Our worship team has a gift for drawing people into spirit-filled worship through music and prayer. You don’t need to know the words. You don’t need to be a great singer. Feel free to participate as much or as little as you like.
  • We love students. We feel like God has asked us to minister to the many students in our community. If you’re a student who is seeking God, we’d love to welcome you and help in your spiritual walk however we can.
  • We love families. The more kids the better (our pastor has 11!).

Some people like a contemporary service with a band and an opportunity to worship God with modern music and to share what God is doing with each other. Other people prefer a more traditional service that uses hymns and follows the standard liturgy more closely. At Cross and Resurrection we have both! Feel free to visit whichever style of service you prefer. Here’s a little more information about each:


Our Tradional Service
Sundays, 8:30am

This service follows an historic order of service referred to as “The Divine Service.” This “Liturgy” has been passed down through the centuries in the Christian Church. It begins with a confession and absolution, followed by readings from the Old Testament, New Testament and Holy Gospel. We have a Sermon on the Word and then continue with one of the historic Creeds of the Church, usually the Nicene Creed. We join with the church around the world in Praying for the Church, Government, University, People in Need, and anything else on our hearts. We then continue with the "Eucharist" or "Great Thanksgiving" in which we receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion or the Lord's Supper. We rejoice in wonderful ancient and modern hymns and enjoy offering this Service at 8:30am each Sunday from Sept-May. It lasts about an hour. Please join us for an Ancient -Modern experience of Worship!


Living Praise: 

Our Contemporary Service
Sundays, 10:40am during the school year

This service begins with a time of worship, prayer, praise, and prophecy. Then we read the Holy Gospel together, ask forgiveness for our sins, and invite confessing Christians to participate in the Lord’s supper (others can put a hand over their heart and receive a blessing). During the sermon, children are invited to a Children’s Time with special activities just for them. This service lasts about 90 minutes. If you’re looking for a spirit-filled, contemporary worship service, the Living Praise service is the one for you!


We do not take an Offering in either service but as our members, as followers of Jesus give faithfully, we have offering plates at the front and back of the church. 

Nursery is available during the Living Praise Service.