High School and College Bible Study

The high school Sunday school class will be meeting on Friday evening before Pancakes at 8pm for fellowship, bible study, and prayer. We are currently reading Paul’s letters to the early Christians in the order they may have been written (which is NOT the order that they appear in the Bible). Then we discuss the implications for how we live today. We’re discovering that people during Paul’s day weren’t so different from people today, and his advice is still very relevant! We also spend a few minutes at the end of every week sharing what’s going on in our lives and praying for each other.

If you’re a high schooler who is interested in learning what the Bible REALLY says, and who likes hanging out with other high schoolers who are interested in the same thing, then please join us!

The Upper Room

The Upper Room is a group for high schoolers that meets from 7:00pm to 9:30pm.  The location might be changed in a few weeks, so check back for updates!

Dr. Thad Polk
Sam Wensley